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Are teenagers exempt?

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U.S. President George Bush has signed

A controversial bill that would stiffen penalties for movie and music piracy at the federal level. [1]

NBC Universal’s lawyer Rick Cotton said,

The bill will give movie and music makers more tools to fight the tidal wave of counterfeiting and piracy of everything from medical devices to automobile parts to media by organized crime. That is at the core of what this discussion is about. It is not about teenagers. [1]

I’m so relieved to hear teenagers are exempt – that is what Mr Cotton means, right? Or perhaps he just means a few teenagers caught in the net won’t matter when we can’t afford this awful “tidal wave.” Those poor movie and recording companies, they’re going to loss all their billions and billions of profit – what will they do!?

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Written by ClareSnow

17 October 2008 at 7:57 pm

We believe this benefits you

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I discussed the commercial basis of Web 2.0, particularly Facebook’s targeted advertising, at Reality 2.0 in Brisbane last week. I was sick and could not attend, but Jo from Toowoomba Library kindly read my paper for me. (Thank you Jo!) Facebook’s popularity is growing, but its commercial basis has inherent problems, which must be considered.

Venture capitalist and board member of Facebook, Peter Thiel, previously co-founded PayPal and said of it,

“You can find value not in real manufactured objects, but in the relations between human beings.” [1]

Facebook is the epitome of this thinking; it is the users and their connections which make money for the company. My fav author Tom Hodgkinson (everyone should read How to be Idle) is particularly scathing of the neocon origins of Facebook and believes,

“It makes nothing at all. It simply mediates in relationships that were happening anyway.” [1]

Though really, this could be said of many online ventures, and most of the capitalistic world we live in.

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Written by ClareSnow

19 September 2008 at 12:45 pm

Teenagers’ Reality

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In two and a half weeks ALIA and SLA are holding a Seminar Series for Information Professionals, Reality 2.0, with sessions in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. Stephen Abram, the current President of SLA, is the keynote speaker at all three sessions, with various local speakers at each session.

What are some of the strategies information professionals need in the changing information world? Stephen will talk about the real needs of real people living the Web 2.0 experience and information and knowledge economy. How can we use Web 2.0 tools to terra-form the living, breathing worlds we inhabit? What are some practical tools we can use? How can professional associations such as SLA and ALIA help?

I wanted to hear Stephen Abram speak, but my research funds will only cover conference expenses if I present a paper. After reading the above and wondering exactly how one “terra-forms the living,” I submitted an abstract, on the off chance an event sponsored by SLA would want to hear about teenagers. Despite living in Perth, thus not being a Brisbane local* my abstract was accepted. I’ll be giving a paper at the Brisbane session on Thursday 11 September 2008. I’ll talk about what the teenagers in my focus groups had to say about Web 2.0, although it’s not a term teenagers mention much, if ever!? It’s all just:

Go on MySpace
Chat to friends on MSN
Or just plain: Google it

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Written by ClareSnow

25 August 2008 at 11:16 am


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