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Princesses are tough these days

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everyone's a comic bug at supanova Last weekend I went to my first ComicCon Supanova. Sorry, I just read it was a Pop Culture Expo. Perth is not the most exciting place to visit and some of the attractions realised this and cancelled, eg. the girl from Heroes and someone from Supernatural. (Can you tell that I really know my stuff?) I told my boyfriend I was going and he said, “What sort of comics are they – Donald Duck?” Obviously he wasn’t invited! Being that I’m not much of a geek either, I needed a guide into this new and scary world. Luckily my friend Andrew wanted to see his fellow geeks in their (his) natural habitat.

the door staff have to be ready for anything Storm troopers come in all sizes

Goku and Princess Peach, cross media love The best part was the cosplay. That’s not because I joined in, I just like seeing them. And I had my new SLR to record their splendor. I must be scared of cosplayers because I was finding it very hard to go up to them and say, “Stand still I’m taking your photo.” This meant I got a lot of shots of backs and blurred Harley Quinns as they hurried to the next booth. You’d think I would have worked out that cosplayers want their photos taken, that’s what they’re there for. It hadn’t quite sunk in. Goku and his girlfriend Princess Peach (cross media love – is that even allowed!?) were a case in point. I think they were onto me and I kept pretending they weren’t my subject of interest whenever Goku looked my way. Then Sam suggested I pretend to be taking a photo of her while they walked past. It was going great until they walked too fast for my slow shutter finger. I had to be content with their backs, but that’s the best part of Goku.

Jewel on the verge of tears? Andrew said we had to be there when Jewel Staite from Stargate Atlantis and Firefly was signing. I didn’t even know who she was, let alone what she looked like. When Andrew said, “Don’t look now, it’s Jewel.” I turned around, wondering what I was meant to be looking at and had to ask, “What are you talking about?” I did manage to get a photo of Jewel, being interviewed by some dumb radio person from Perth – that’s Andrew’s Christmas present taken care of.

Being the rabid Stargate groupie that he is, Andrew had to make some purchases. It took the whole of our stay at Supanova to make his decision – you can’t rush these things. He got a badge and a patch. I thought patches were iron on – but I’m living in the past. Things are high tech these days, with velcro. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you can still show your Stargate-ness. I was about to pass out when I heard how much Andrew was paying for these two things and I said so in hearing of the booth guy. He replied along the lines of, “You only live once,” thinking I was Andrew’s girlfriend and I was telling him off. Sam was a bit worried he might be about to pawn her engagement ring.

pro wrestling oz-style if you touched the dalek you would be exterminated!

Something I think is a bit wrong is having to pay for autographs. One booth had a couple of seedy looking old guys (I’m sure that wasn’t only reason they were there) with a long line of girls. The first girl got a kiss, which disturbed me, then every other girl in the line got a kiss. I’d found the kissing booth.

Then there were the cosplay kids. Optimus Prime was pretty cool, but Snow White was the best – not for her outfit, but for what she showed us about GenY princesses (or is that GenZ). Not being one of these silly princesses who worry about their weight, she was stuffing her face with hot chips. Then suddenly she was on the floor, a pole the culprit in her downfall. The half metre pole was behind her so we couldn’t quite work out how it had tripped her, obviously poles are sneaky these days. Luckily her bucket of chips was still in her hand, not a single one dropped. We were even more impressed at, “Not even a quiver of her bottom lip,” in Sam’s words. Sam thought this was because,

Princesses are tough these days.

Snow White certainly is, but I wondered if her two brothers had anything to do with it. I know what two brothers can do to a girl, princess or not. After jumping back up, Snow White proceeded to try jumping over the next half metre high pole. Obviously she hasn’t mastered the art in a long princess skirt. Don’t let that stop you Snow White!

More photos, with actual faces, from Sir Ive and Tiny Monster, including a photo of Spiderman.

He is eating vegemite sandwiches, which he brought from home. I guess his Spidey sense told him that the food at Supanova would be both unappetising and overpriced.

Serendipitously I’m reading Give our Regards to the Atomsmashers! edited by Sean Howe (Pantheon Books, 2004), a collection of writers reminiscing about how comics shaped their early years. The other night I read “Kltpzyxm!” by Tom Piazza. It’s very funny – Bizarro’s giving away free autographs at ComicCon and Mr Mxyzptlk tells him off. Then Mr M gets his just desserts.


Written by ClareSnow

5 July 2008 at 3:30 pm

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  1. I still think it should have been called:

    BiMonSciFiCon – Be there, and be square!


    11 July 2008 at 4:56 pm

  2. If there had have been Donald Duck comics, it would have been :P


    12 July 2008 at 2:04 pm

  3. […] couple of weeks ago I joked to my friend Andrew that if this legislation went ahead, there’d be no more blogging about Yaoi for me. It […]

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