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Part of the reason I chose to study graphic novels was their growing popularity. I’m concentrating on teenagers’ reading of them, but they are written and published for all different age groups and their popularity with all age groups is increasing. Movies have been made based on comics for years, but it seems there are more and more these days. Last month on the GNLIB-L email list I read about upcoming movies based on comic books.

Iron Man 1 May
Speed Racer 12 June
The Incredible Hulk 12 June. Hadn’t someone done this recently? But it seems that was too “cerebral” and this not-sequel is more “action-filled” perhaps leave your brain at home :)
Wanted 27 June in US. I don’t know when in Australia, but I saw a trailer at the movies so it must be sometime. When I saw the trailer I thought, more of Angelina Jolie the hitman – blah blah blah.
The Dark Knight 17 July. I saw the trailer for this one too, before Heath Ledger’s demise and not recognising him as the actor. I was impressed with The Joker’s mania. But Gotham City is not meant to be sunny!
Hellboy II: The Golden Army 28 August
Dragonball when the email was sent this was being released in June, but it’s now April 2009, so you’ll have to wait.

The release dates are for Australia. Five are big-budget movies based on comic books and two are anime converted to live action.

Last year the movie 30 Days of Night was released. It’s based on the comic drawn by Perth’s Ben Templesmith, who I found out studied at Curtin. I love his artwork – those gaping red maws are truly nasty. Though of course his art isn’t in the movie. I haven’t seen the movie, but perhaps I’ll have to get a copy and see how long I can last watching it. Horror movies are sometimes a bit much for me – I might just stick to comics.

And if you want to know about more comics adaptations, the Film & TV Adaptations of Comics 2007 edition by Michael Rhode & Manfred Vogel is available online.


Written by ClareSnow

13 March 2008 at 1:39 pm

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