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Last year I interviewed librarians from public and school libraries who have graphic novel collections. One school library didn’t have the time to talk to me before the summer holidays and last week I was able to talk to two members of the library staff. So I’ve finished all my interviews. Yay! I’m still transcribing the recordings and the amount of data I’ve amassed seems daunting. But as with the focus groups, once I’ve coded it in Nvivo it’ll be a lot easier to deal with (computers make things so much easier, sometimes). I’ve just got to finish all the boring transcribing and coding.

The libraries were all very different in the way they handled their graphic novels, how long they’ve had their collections and the use the teenagers/students made of the graphic novels. The growing popularity of manga was shown in the last library, with a lot of their graphic novel use and borrowing coming from manga.

During my last interview I was able to recommend the GNLIB-L email list as a good source of info on graphic novels. It can be a busy list, but it’s useful for news, reviews, recommendations and general questions about graphic novels in libraries. If you ask a question there’s always someone (and usually more than one person) who knows the answer. Last year the address changed and the above link is to the current address.


Written by ClareSnow

5 March 2008 at 2:16 pm

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